Rehabilitation of facades WITH HUMIDITY


The most common problems in the facades moisture derivatives are produced by factors such as: the porosity of the construction materials, the surface texture of the coating used on the facade, the dimensions of the facade. Which, thanks to capillarity and filtration processes cause a number of injuries on the facade, which in extreme cases can damage inside the building of the houses, in addition to the uncomfortable and unsightly stains on the facade.

Rehabilitation of facades with moisture, whatever it injury due to the presence of moisture, requires that the cause that provokes it is removed first, and later, rehabilitate the faade eliminating the effects of moisture and, it is essential to have disappeared every trace of moisture, so sometimes have to resort to artificial drying facing.

There are several interventions that can be made in rehabilitating facades with moisture:

Repellent: Apply repellents products that increase resistance to water penetration from the outside and off the indoor humidity.

Waterproofing coating paints: Use of water vapor permeable facilitating transpiration support decorative paints.

Forming a chemical barrier against rising damp: Creating chemical barriers ascension rising damp by using water-repellent products.

Thermal insulation inside the air chamber: Injection of insulation products inside the air chamber.

Thermal insulation on the outside: The proper solution if you also rehabilitate the facade with humidity you want to improve the thermal performance of the same.

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