Rehabilitation of facades MEDIANERAS


In previous post we talked about how sometimes the dividing walls of a condominium were exposed which caused certain rehabilitation works aimed at providing these dividing walls of an insulation system were necessary and appropriate waterproofing. The SPF is usually constructive solution more used in the case of the rehabilitation of the dividing walls that are exposed, in part because it is one of the systems rehabilitation cheaper facades, but also because it is a system that allows not only dividing waterproof the facade but also because it provides adequate insulation to maintain comfort conditions inside the houses.

The rehabilitated and dividing walls are exposed to the action of ultraviolet rays that can cause degradation of the foam poliuretanopor it is recommended to protect the dividing wall facade with a coat of paint or a polyurethane elastomer projected.
But if it is intended that after rehabilitation of the dividing facade, this is attractive there is an alternative: decorate the facade with graffiti dividing. Here we leave a sample of how graffiti can radically change the appearance of our Mediatrix facade and even graffiti decorate the facades of communities allows these owners to acquire identity and personality.

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