The idea of energy rehabilitation in neighboring communities, usually associated, under the new regulations (CTE) for the construction and rehabilitation of existing ones, the need for rehabilitation work in communities to adapt buildings to new requirements in matters of safety and habitability. Undoubtedly any intervention involving surround provide the community with a layer of thermal insulation promotes energy savings and energy efficiency of a condominium.

But in addition to the actions referred to facades and roofs where their conditions of thermal insulation and impermeability are improved, communities of owners that address energy refurbishment of its building can take a number of measures not only serve to reduce consumption community energy but also improve the comfort inside the homes of the community.

among the measures concerning common elements that facilitate energy saving and efficiency in neighboring communities they are:

Replacing boilers with more than 15 years adapting their power to the needs of the community. It is recommended for greater control of energy consumption modular burners and boilers of low temperature and condensation.

If the change boiler is accompanied by the change of fuel, a fuel of low CO2 emissions, such as biomass, not only will contribute to environmental sustainability but more savings will be achieved, since this type of fuel it’s cheaper. Other alternative energy sources, to consider the energy rehabilitation of communities, are solar thermal and geothermal.
energy rehabilitation of communities is important to check the condition of pipes and elements Boilers, incorporating appropriate, a thermal insulation layer and replace by more modern fireplaces, chimneys modular double-walled stainless steel thermal insulation.

Other steps to take: installation of double glazed windows with thermal break, install shut-off valves on the radiators that helps control power consumption by homes, introduction of face elements on Aislamiento Térmico off on the stairs of the community well using energy-saving lamps.

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