Damp in basements and garages

Dampness in basements and garages, one of the most common problems that affect the communities of owners, are basically due to the fact that both the floor and walls of basements and garages are usually in contact with the ground, causing severe damage little time and can corrode personal items such as books, furniture. Humedades so it is important to determine the source of moisture in basements and garages to see if is an isolated event or a high probability of a repeat which will draw the most appropriate intervention plan for the rehabilitation of the basement of the community.

Interventions for the rehabilitation of damp basements depend on the type of moisture present in them.

If the moisture in the basement due to water leaks, the solutions used in the rehabilitation are waterproofing basements and pipeline leaks. Rehabilitation basement waterproofing is by creating an impermeable barrier that prevents the passage of water into the basement. The pipeline leaks in basements is a rehabilitation technique based on the collection of filtered water to the nearest sewer manhole basements.

The rehabilitation of basements that have moisture condensation is based on the use of techniques to reduce excess humidity in the basement and in different insulation systems thermal bridges. The reduction of excess moisture is achieved by a good ventilation system (as long as moisture does not come from outside).

When moisture in basements and garages stems from the capillarity of the materials, the most common solutions for rehabilitation of waterproofing basements it is the same. The basement waterproofing is usually achieved by creating well-impermeable barriers using chemical injections, either through waterproofing sheets placed at the base of the element to be waterproofed. Other rehabilitation techniques damp basements and garages are creating electrical barriers (reverse the polarity existing between the floor and the wall so as to prevent moisture rise) and moisture resected support by higroconvectores (eliminate substrate moisture and transmit air) that should always be used in combination with a ventilation system in the basement.

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