Alongside lossistemas insulation by expanded polystyrene (insulating materials in building renovation) yPoliestireno extruded (Isolation rehabilitation of buildings) used in the thermal rehabilitation of muchasComunidades Residents there otrosmateriales for thermal insulation and Mineral wool are laslanas minerals.

Mineral wool insulation products are woolly consistency obtained by melting natural materials: basalt rock for siliceous rock wool and glass wool for sand, resulting in a felt consisting of filaments interlaced in stone materials inside which there is air in stationary state.
Thermal insulation using mineral wool is achieved by the still air which is retained therein, which hinders the flow of heat.
But also offer other mineral wool insulation solutions since by its elastic structure open porosity and have a high buffer capacity of acoustic energy, making mineral wool are an ideal material for soundproofing. On the other hand they offer a fire protection because they are non-combustible materials for its inorganic origin and are therefore able to maintain their properties at high temperatures.

The main applications of laslanas mineralesen rehabilitation Communities are:
1. – Rehabilitation of facades and roofs with insulation on the inside.
2. – Systems based rehabilitation lafachada ventilated facades.

The properties of mineral wool as thermal and acoustic insulation and fire retardant properties must be added other features such as: its high resistance to humidity and compression processes, the facility that provides for handling, installation and be a material non-corrosive, lightweight and environmentally friendly.

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