VAT under renovation and repair of housing INDIVIDUALS.

Royal Decree-Law repair of housing of 13 July on measures to ensure budgetary stability and promoting competitiveness (BOE of July 14, 2012) provides, in principle, indefinitely, a reduced rate of VAT for the renovation and repair homes particularesdel 10 instead of the standard rate of VAT (21), provided they meet certain requirements for this. VAT reduction affects not only the renovation and repair of housing but is extended to the rehabilitation of residential buildings, provided they meet certain requirements.

The requirements for the application of reduced VAT on renovation and repair works carried out in buildings or homes when such works can not be classified as rehabilitation are:

The recipient is an individual and use the housing referred the works for their own use or ownership of property by the deeds done in the building where the home is located.

Construction or rehabilitation of housing or building referred to the works have been completed at least two years before the start of works eligible for the reduced VAT.

The cost of materials provided by the employer or professional do the work, can not exceed 40 of the total cost of the work.

They are considered as materials provided those tangible assets, the execution of such works materially are incorporated into the building, directly or after processing, such as brick, stone, lime, sand, plaster and other materials.

Thus included within the concept of renovation and repair the masonry, plumbing, carpentry, electricity and painting, laying floors in homes, repair and renovation of doors and lockers, provided they meet the requirements and the recipient is who use housing for private use that is a community of homeowners.

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