Cinco de Marzo, World Day of energy efficiency, since 1998. A day to remember and educate the world population of the need to reduce energy consumption and emission of carbon dioxide and the benefits and advantages of using renewable energy . The initiatives on energy efficiency in Spain were collected and Savings Plan ergy Efficiency 2011-2020 which includes an annex quantifying the energy savings achieved in 2010 for the years 2004 and 2007.

The conclusions of this report show that in Spain there is a strong dependence on foreign energy (80 of energy consumed must be imported) and a low use of renewable energy, so you have to have to make a big effort to achieve the objectives proposed by the European Union for 2020: to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 20 and increase the use of renewable energy to 20.

Transport and Housing are the sectors of the Spanish economy that consume more energy resources, so improving energy efficiency in Spain is to improve the energy efficiency of both sectors.

Rehabilitation with energy efficiency criteria is already mandatory, at least when you have to rehabilitate at least more than 25 surface that forms the building envelope (faade and roof).

However it is not necessary to wait for a building is required to undertake rehabilitation works to improve energy efficiency.

A community owners can perform the necessary rehabilitation and improvement of energy efficiency of your building works so that no one will get reduce energy consumption but also all owners will benefit from the reduction in bills for their energy consumption .

Several initiatives have been taken recently to promote energy rehabilitation of buildings, including the modification of the Technical Building Code so that the letter B is imposed as the minimum qualification required in buildings. Is a long way to go, but the first step perhaps, is aware of the importance of rehabilitation criteria of energy efficiency of our buildings: investing very little in rehabilitation to improve energy efficiency will allow us greater savings in the long term as it will allow us to reduce the need to ensure energy consumption required to maintain quality of life and welfare of the housing cost.

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