Current legislation on rehabilitation necessarily requires communities to rehabilitation owners with energy efficiency criteria primarily due to the adoption of disciplinary proceedings for infringements on energy certification of housing, by which these offenses can be punish with fines ranging from 300 to 600, for minor offenses (includes announcing the rental or sale of housing without indicating its energy rating), between 601 and 1000 for serious offenses and between 1001 and 6000 for very serious.

Second, the Law Certificación Energética of 26 June, rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal also provides in its first transitory provision required to have the energy certification within a maximum period of five years, for buildings residential type of collective dwelling older than 50 years, unless already have a valid technical inspection (ITE) made prior to the entry into force of this Act, in which case the energy certification will be required where applicable its first review.

Therefore, if your neighbor community is obliged to pass the ite and the result of it requires to perform rehabilitation work, this must be done with energy efficiency criteria.

Even without there being a need for the rehabilitation of their community, if you want to sell or rent their housing needs the energy certification of it. It seems obvious to think that the energy efficiency of housing can be an important factor when making decisions about buying or renting, since the higher the lower energy efficiency is the energy factor and therefore the greater will be saving for owners or tenants of housing.

Anyway, it is advisable that any reform in housing or partial rehabilitation in one of the elements of the homeowners, take advantage to introduce energy efficiency measures with the aim of improving the energy certification of the community. For example, the arrival of autumn can favor the appearance of damp due to leaks in the roof, so that the rehabilitation of the same is necessary and, if the rehabilitation is done with energy efficiency criteria, ie not only correct failures in the waterproofing of the roof but also provide it with a layer of thermal insulation, a little more energy-efficient housing will be achieved.

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