Pruning Azaleas

Azaleas belong to the genus Rhododendron. These plants can live long, when their requirements are met. You can even find azaleas that are hundreds of years old.
Therefore, to maintain and grow better azalea, proper pruning is essential. Mentioned below are the important instructions for pruning, which will help determine the right time for pruning shrubs, and understand the proper technique for pruning to maintain optimal health of your azaleas.

Azalea Pruning Tips

Why prune?

Before you start pruning care azalea, ask yourself why you are pruning this shrub. Most people tend to prune azaleas because they have become too large, and therefore need to be reduced, so that its size is maintained. While some people like to keep a form of the plant. Try not to prune azaleas into squares or any other rigidly. As, azaleas look their best and do the best when pruned to maintain a natural way. By cutting it in a box shape will result in irregular flowering and growth of unequal branches. When cutting the desired shape azaleas, displaying a form and then simply cut the branches that are out that way.

To avoid excessive pruning, choosing the right variety of azaleas while deciding about planting azaleas, can help. Satsuki hybrid environment activist Gumpo grow just meters high, while some varieties of hybrid Indica South as George Lindley Tabor and Mrs. GG Gerbing can grow to 10 feet. Therefore, check the label on the mountain, while the purchase of the plant to see what variety it is.

When to prune?

The best time to prune azaleas in the spring, before it has a new plant growth. However, this will cut flowers that year, but gives the plant the entire season every fill, and time for new growth to mature before winter arrives. Another good time to prune this plant is when azalea flowers on the ground, which means you have some cut flowers. They can also be pruned immediately after flowering, if you want to have flowers on the plant. Like most azaleas tend to start growing sprouts flowers early next year, after they have flowered during the summer pruning cuts off the bloom by mid next year. Pruning in late summer is not a good idea. Because late pruning runs the risk of significant growth being killed during cold seasons. Azaleas pruning in the fall, should also be avoided.

What to use for pruning?

For these pruning flowering plants, use a pair of hand clippers and trimmers. The hand mower works well in the limbs, which are smaller and loppers help cut the branches that are more than half an inch thick. They also have long handles, allowing you to reach the center of the forest.

How to prune?

For starters, pruning dead and diseased branches. Be sure to make a clean cut, and cut each diluted mouthwash are applied to prevent the spread of infection from diseased branches. Then prune back, tall and lanky limbs that are shooting from the top of the branches. This helps promote a very attractive and compact form. If you have older azaleas, then remove the high branches for several years, this prevents a shock to the plant. Remove the upper branches of a pair, being careful to cut back to a lateral branch that goes in the desired direction. When you are pruning the plants, do not worry about cutting back to a branch connection, as there will be new branches coming from the areas where you made the cut.

This was all about pruning azaleas. So follow the above and azaleas cut at the right time with the right technical advice to achieve beautiful shapely plant, and beautiful flowers!

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