Protecting the heat houseplants

Indoor plants are plants that need certain features so that they can develop healthy and strong. The sun and the air directly can cause a lot of damage, which does not mean they can not enjoy the outdoors in good weather situations and taking some steps to protect them.

A few simple precautions, we can leave them outside during the day or full seasons.
Paying attention to the following tips, your houseplants can enjoy the outdoors without fear of being damaged or sick.

One of the first recommendations is to get out every now and houseplants, so to take direct light and air, which will help to better development. Of course, this must be done in times of low heat, and if the sun is very strong, better to place them in a shady spot, the combination of sun and wind directly, can damage them irreparably.

In turn, we can take them out to the terrace, balcony or garden, during the first and the summer, or until the end of their flowering period. Considering the above tips about the place.

If the balcony, terrace or garden faces north, has little light and heat, we can even get those more delicate plants without fear that the sun and the air hurt them.

If the sun’s position gives them right in the midday, the rays will surely hurt the plant. For that reason, it is best to provide some kind of shadow through a cloth or plastic placed in brackets, or in the same railing of the balcony or terrace. In the garden, some bats can be helpful.

Another way is to dip into another plant (slightly larger) as shrubs or trees, and leverage them to give shade.

To further enhance its development in the interior, we can provide more moisture. You only will be enough to water the ground water evaporates wet plants naturally.

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