Preventing exceptional pruning

What to do to avoid exceptional pruning?

The exceptional pruning is to remove all the branches of a tree, or much of it, using a chainsaw. It is a technique that leads to extreme pruning, which should be avoided as far as possible.

Ideally, pruning practice during the early life of the plant, and then every 2 or 3 years to perform maintenance pruning.
But in many cases this does not exceptional pruning the plant is allowed to grow freely, then simply disappear injuring his glass that sometimes never completely heal. To avoid this type of pruning is important to consider the following tips.

Tips for avoiding an aggressive pruning

It is important to advise when buying the tree, so that the species for which opt fits the space you have. Find out what your size when it reaches adulthood, you will not have to be constantly pruning and controlling their growth.

For the treetops do not collide with each other and it causes poor growth of the same, it is advisable to always plant them leaving good space between each plant.

If the tree is strong and healthy, growth will be balanced and will need less pruning. For this purpose it is important:

Prepare the soil, crediting and making a rather large hole when planting.

Constantly water them (according to the species) and pay it every so often.

Control pests and diseases that can attack.

If we consider these three principles, we will need only perform a maintenance pruning every 3 or 4 years. Recall that we can carry out both a thinning of branches as a crown reduction, if the plant has grown too, without having to reach the exceptional pruning.

Many of the people who perform this technique do it with total disregard of the damage they cause to the plant, so it is very important to advise us of any action that can end our trees, do not forget that they are the lungs of the world.

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