Preventing accidents gardening tasks

Accidents gardening tasks is far from a heavy housework, relaxing and very pleasant task. However, we must take a few precautions for maximum enjoyment, preventing further accidents and ailments.

Primarily, we must care for our health, because gardening is a task that requires us to spend a long time under the sun, or we manipulate tools that carelessness can harm us.
Therefore, we must remember to apply sunscreen to block or guard against the harmful rays of the sun, and use dark glasses and hats in the hours of greatest light. Remember that gardening, first thing in the morning and dusk are the most propitious times for both plants as well as for our body.

Do not rely on your strength, and you put to the test. Uses elements that seek your comfort, because sometimes in gardening spent a long time in one position (sitting, kneeling, etc. ), and this can have consequences for our movement or joint pains, and the like. Use pillows and cushions that protect you and take care of your comfort and safety, and tries to change position every few minutes.

Although sometimes gardening is a secure job, it sometimes happens we can perform minor cuts and wounds on the hands, for example, when we can or when desmalezamos. To prevent both injuries and scrapes, always use special gloves for gardening, to care for and protect your hands.

Be careful when using sharp cutting tools. Always use scissors and saws using them outward from your body, never overworking the courts, and if possible, wear glasses to perform tasks that could shed debris.

By using the mower or trimmer, always wear a long pants and appropriate shoes, to not suffer shock or damage to your legs. Always remember to check the power of the artifacts, checking the presence of breaks, and also controls the location for the use of machinery. If the machine is too heavy you’d better not do the job, because you might hurt yourself, cut yourself or damage your muscles.

With these simple tips, gardening will not pose any threat to your health and integrity. Recalls that the protection is always first, and take care to peacefully enjoy your garden.

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