Preparing the garden for winter

Care for the winter garden

It is approaching the cold season and stop as often visit the garden. But although the weather did not accompany us to enjoy the outdoors, we must not neglect this important sector of home. Let’s review the actions we must take to prepare the garden before the onset of winter.

Pots and protection of species not suitable for cold

If you have potted species not bear cold, it’s time to move them to a courtyard or a ventilated room of the home, near a window to receive sunlight. Do not let them out, because they burn with the first frosts of winter.

Plants unsuitable for the cold floor can be protected with a simple solution, but unsightly: Place rolls of newspaper or styrofoam chips on the floor, then cover with clear plastic wrapping, holding a rope. During the hottest hours of the day reminds open the plastic wrap to allow the plant to breathe and oxygenate.

How to water the garden in winter

Although in winter the plants do not require much water as in the hot season, you should quit. In summer you have to irrigate every day, while in autumn we can do it three to five times a week.

Meanwhile, in winter you need to irrigate in the morning, to prevent freezing of water on the floor and plants, and than directly on the floor, never on leaves, stems or flowers. With two weekly watering will suffice, although the frequency and intensity depend on each particular species.

Fertilizer, pruning and other care in winter

In the beginning of winter, while the plants are prepared for the cold and they backdate the sap towards its base, it is the right time to fertilize and strengthen land with nutrients and vitamins. Remove the floor in a rather warm schedule, without exposing the roots to air, and complemented by the products. Back to accommodate land and water immediately to fix the nutrients to the roots and soil.

Once past the first frost of the season is the time of pruning. Do it thoroughly, depending on the species, the already fixed and above knots or leaves projecting groups of five or more units branches. Remember to prune after and not before the first frost, to avoid hurting the plant.

Then cut into neat slices diagonally applied a preventive product that protects the plant from insects and climate threats.

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