Plants Begonia

With over 1,500 species of begonia flowers offers an incredible number of varieties to illuminate your garden. Begonia is a genus of flowering plant family Begoniaceae, and all species in this genus are known as begonia. Its flowers are very popular spring flowers as they come in some dazzling soft colors.
The flowers can be large or small, single or double petals, male and female flowers produced on individual plants and foliage of some types are prized for their ornamental value. Plants can be shrubs or trailing, making them perfect for pots and containers and flower beds, borders and boundaries.

Types of Begonia

This plant species is divided roughly into different categories, with each type having different systems of roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

This guy has the most spectacular exhibition of flowers and the maximum number of colors too. The variety that can have very large leaves can be up to 14 inches. The flowers are borne in large clusters and I know as houseplants and outdoor.

The multi-stemmed shrub variety is grown for its ease of cultivation, either in the form of green leaves and rapid growth. Some within this white small flowers of pink or red bear range. Shrubs can be thumbnails or about ten feet high.

This is a variety trailer, with some having the ability to scale up like a creeper. The trailers have large flowers in small groups. Its roots tend to cling to trees, rocks and walls support as they climb or trail.

Stem begonia not a very popular species from the genus Begonia, these varieties are not much thicker stem branch, but a new base growth soar. The leaves tend to shed, making this variety an unusual plant have. New hybrids have stems that range in colors from green to a cafe to meet a cream.

Rex begonias are grown for their foliage than comes in different shapes, sizes, designs and vivid colors. Flowering ago but are quite inconsequential. The foliage requires careful because the temperature and other environmental conditions can dampen their show foliage.

Tuberous variety is very popular, and you can start each season with the ease and availability is not a problem. Some in this type grown for their small and large flowers, while some foliage. Tuberous variety can be a final rate, or sturdy upright plants.

Widely cultivated Semperfloren may be treated as annuals, perennials and shrubs. The leaves come in colors of green bronze and some variegated, white variety. The flowers also come in hues and shades of red and pink, and white.

Rhizomatous begonia offer an infinite variety of leaf shape, color and texture, with a huge flower display in some varieties bloom only in spring, while some bloom the whole year long. Its rhizomes not delve into the ground, but spread over it.

If you are wondering how to take care of this plant, just browse begonia care. With so many options, it should not be difficult to plant a whole garden on the basis of varieties of begonia.

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