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What are low VOC paints?

In recent times it has increased awareness towards environmental care and the use of less aggressive elements with the environment in all our actions. Recyclable plastics and paper, glass, lead, biodegradable items and a tendency to recycling and reuse of resources are the main weapon of struggle, which joined efforts in the use and composition of various materials. A clear example is the low VOC paints.

The acronym (VOC VOC in English and Spanish) defines volatile organic compound or volatile organic compounds, gases present in numerous paintings and elements that allow a good finish and a fast drying, although they represent a danger to the environment and even for people especially for those with respiratory problems, elderly and children.

In this new green version, low VOC paints have less amount of these gases in its composition, the minimum necessary for good performance without any standardized measurement. Typically, you can define a product as green when VOC level is equal to or less than 5 grams per liter of materials, regardless of color, and type of paint finish. There are even versions that claim to be free of VOCs, however, and due to its manufacturing process, there is always a small residue remaining of these gases, which accumulates on surfaces by applying layers of material.

Low VOC products

The trend towards caring for the environment has encouraged companies producing construction elements and setting, to launch green lines on almost all products. In the market, and affordable, you can find paints, stains, varnishes, lacquers and a host of materials with these conservation options.

Depending on the capabilities of each city and country, some brands, pioneering avant-garde at the time and currently already have years of experience in the development of these less harmful to the environment products. Including some good choices are line Marston Paintings caring environment Langinger, with products and unmatched durability matte finishes tones and semi matte. Its products, water-based, are fire resistant, washable, and is also offered in 72 mixable colors.

Benjamin Moore also offers a line called Natura Zero VOC, with minimal concentration of these gases in a full range of colors and finishes, at highly competitive market prices. Collagen Ecotrend incorporates natural products to their paintings, as eggshells as an emulsifier instead of harsh chemicals, being more kind to us and the environment, contributing to durability and antibacterial properties, in a full range of more than 120 tones.

Finally, Green Planet Paints also offers free products sustainable and petroleum products, including natural resins and pigments to its more than 120 colors.

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