Original ideas for Display Pictures Home

5 Ways to Showcase Original Pictures Home

Nothing is enough when it comes to expressing ourselves and make our home part of our creative personality. And that’s what we do create our own frames, these 5 original ways of displaying photos at home in any room or even in the office.

Get down to work with these proposals, and modify them to your liking and according to the materials you have to do a job luxury with your own originality that characterizes you in each of your creations.

Items needed to display photos

You can use virtually everything you have at home: ropes, ribbons and yarn for hanging clothes hooks (real and miniature) and hooks papers to hold, pieces of cloth, colored paper, plastics, wood, tape Normal and decorative, an old window that no longer serve, a blind, jars and bottles to clean and dry foods. To put it more simply: you can use anything as long as you meet with your creative designs, and according to what you want to accomplish when displaying pictures with originality.

5 Creative Ideas to Show Your Photos

1. Using a rope, tape or yarn, placed a sort of clothesline grasping the ends in the middle of the wall, facing a window or where you prefer. Using clothes pins or paper clip type fasteners, hanging from the rope well strong print your photos, to show them off with a homey charm.
2. Using the same technique to show your photos, replace the hooks of triangular pennants cut from cardboard and crepe paper with tassels at the ends. You can show off your photography in a circus ies style.
3. Take all the pieces of fabric of different patterns that you find, and cut them into rectangles of equal size. You can harden with a starch solution or Decorar with a mixture of one part water to two parts glue. Adheres photography tail ed the center of the canvas, and used colored wool yarn and piece hanging hooks, whether wall, on the side of a piece of furniture or any surface.
4. Something similar can be done with foils, cutting special shapes. Decorated with artistic phosphorescent paint, and adheres to center your photos special moments. Yes you can display your picture in a futuristic, glowing in the dark.
5. Check for a printer in your city on the possibility of printing on fabrics. If you do not have access to a printer, make color photocopies of your favorite photograph ies and placing them with the ink against the fabric, rub on the back side with nail polish remover. This will cause the ink to pass to the genre, and you can display your photos on fabric, whether curtains, cushion covers, tablecloths and even blankets for the bed and the couch, completely original.

Extra idea to show your photos at home

Do not discard the conventional modes show off your photos at home or in the office, and also recalls the technologies at your service. Digital photo frames will help you show several pictures at once, and you can also create a projection of your favorite images (digitized) as a screen saver or as entertainment on your Smart TV or digital TV, and even in your old screen, using a DVD player with an album ready.

There are thousands of ways to display original photos, depending on your personality, and even renewing the decor in each new opportunity. It remains that you put to create!

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