Original ideas for carpets

Making Original Carpets Home

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your own carpets or rugs, you’re in the right place. We teach three easy to customize and much more originality to your carpet, easy and using the elements that you probably already have at home techniques. Let’s do it!

Materials for creating carpets

To make these techniques you can use almost any carpet, rug, mat or carpet fabric you have at home.
Even an old, wall to wall, you have removed from a room: wash them perfectly, removing traces of adhesive on the back, and then immerse them in a water bath with sodium (soda) to renew tissues. Rinse well in warm water two or three, and let them dry completely.

Good edge using scissors, cut the frayed parts or divide large carpet into smaller, as you prefer. You can leverage to create more striking shapes, or split a large in carpets and rugs for bedding, the bathrooms or entrance. Remember to cut, fold the carpet, exposing the base and separating the strands, and cut by inserting the blade of scissors underneath the fabric, for the best possible finish your original carpet.

Creating embroidered carpets

The first technique is the embroidered carpets. You can do this with virtually any material you have at home: rope and cotton, sisal, satin ribbons, crochet yarn, including lace or other tapes. Calculate the amount of material needed and try to do the embroidery yarn long to minimize the cuts. Use colchoneras needles, which are steel, very thick and with a rather wide buttonhole, suitable for threading thick tapes, rat tails and many items as diverse.

To make these embroidered begins to prepare the ground carpets, and create a border all the way around with the technique you prefer. You can even expand your carpet a few centimeters, with the technique of crochet. Another idea is to drafts inside (with striking figures) and apply the same technique, thus giving more special designs or details that capture the attention.

Patterned carpets to home

The second technique is to make original carpets heat stamping. With this idea the strands of the fabric of the carpet flatten, achieving very interesting reliefs.

To make it, you need the board, if it is better steam, and a mold with how to achieve it from a certain height (double strands of carpet, or more) and heat-resistant, such as metal, wood, ceramic, resin or other.

Moisten the area to be printed on the carpet with a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Place the pan on the desk and, on it, the carpet, leaving strands down, in contact with the mold. With hot irons to good temperature, only decoracion without dragging over the mold, lifting and Posandola elsewhere as needed. Repeat as many times as you like, carefully lifting the carpet to check printed on the visible part (the front).

Made carpets

For the third and last technique to create original carpets, mix materials. You can use two or more mats you already have, combining patterns and colors, and even you can paint one for plain color carpets combine with other faux animal print or other styles. Cut the pieces according to your design, making them a perfect match, and no more sticks (with contact cement and decoracion or double-sided tape for carpets) on a sturdy base, as a piece of felt, burlap, linen and other similar reinforced . Be sure to use enough glue to abundant, for perfect grip.

With these three simple techniques you can give beauty and style to any corner of your home, with original carpets made at home and completely customized to your liking.

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