Opening a nursery

Open a nursery Guide

Before learning how to open a nursery, it’s good that you determine the reasons why you want to offer this service to the community. Of course, because they are also very beautiful flowers in the spring, you’ll be giving something extra to your neighborhood (or the site where the business is located).

To mount a nursery have to like plants, that is clear.
But the difference between a lover of flowers and a successful entrepreneur is in its business plan. The category may change, but not the goals.

If you have ease of planting, tending flowers and others, then open a nursery is perfect for you. Remember that if you choose an area that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life as a business maxim he says. You can ride a nursery in simple steps, but always bearing in mind that not only ease it, love or the ability to irrigate and cultivate, but also need an Land for propagation of herbaceous plants have vision for the venture.

10 steps to open a nursery

Once you have determined that a nursery is the business you want to have, then what follows are certain steps to comply. Then you know how to open a nursery.
1. Check what permits or authorizations you need are. In some cities, in particular, to open a shop is a process that can take several weeks. In the case of a nursery, also it depends on the law in your place of residence. For a plant business perhaps you require an additional license, please consult.
2. Determine the mounting location for the nursery. Zoning ordinances can sometimes be complicated. A nursery is considered agriculture, but can also be called agribusiness. This depends on whether you will only plants in pots or also you will have a field to plant directly in the ground.
3. Build greenhouses and other facilities. You probably already know, but it’s good to repeat. Nurseries requiring a specific infrastructure, such as a place to store the pots in winter, another for seedlings, indoor place and outdoor space where water, etc. Pay attention to these requirements when renting or buying the place.
4. Find out about insurance. It’s a good idea to include one for property damage, liability and other one for the workers (if you hired staff).
5. Review the regulations. Growers in your city must be grouped in an organization. Feel free to join these organizations, which will be of much help for any problem. Besides, it is not the same be independent part of a larger group. The latter always brings higher profits.
6. Consider the area for irrigation. Local authorities can demand you to have certain permits water to water your plants, trees and flowers. Feel free to check the matter and, if necessary, conditioning facilities for this work to be less cumbersome, such as automatic dispensers or drip irrigation.
7. Research the market well. Meet the target to which you do, that is, who will be your customers. Scan your tastes, your needs, your demands. You can dedicate yourself to people living in apartments and want to decorate with a beautiful plant, or offer services landscaping and garden design for living in a house or in the suburbs.
8. Learn and study. There are hundreds of courses (and even careers at the University) who treat everything related to plants, crops, etc. Before opening a nursery might suit you start studying, if you have not done before. This not only gives you more credibility, but also allow you to offer more and better services to your customers.
9. Weapon a good advertising campaign. This does not mean you have to go on television or in a major newspaper. But you should bear in mind that to mount a nursery, the advertising investment must be provided. Perhaps in pamphlet form to deliver them into the street, or to the sign at the entrance more attractive.
10. Looking for quality raw material. If you’re going to have plants for the garden, get organic seeds. If the idea is to sell flowers and indoor plants, look for a provider who not only have good prices but also quality species. Do not forget the variety, as there are so many tastes as people in this world. And if you’re going to dedicate to plant and harvest you, you should take the time to this task.

As we said, to open a nursery not only you have to like plants and flowers. There is a whole infrastructure behind you must meet and discuss. A good business plan will be enough to achieve success.

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