Mineral wool insulation products made of interlaced filaments stone materials that form a mat including air remains immobile state. Two are basically natural elements involved in the manufacture of mineral wool: silica sand and basalt rock. The first, used in the manufacture of glass wool and the second in the manufacture of rock wool.

The manufacturing process of mineral wool is to melt the sand or volcanic basalt rock at very high temperatures while movement is applied which allows fibrarla. After application of binder and waterproofing oils a mattress that is compressed and sized it is obtained. Mineral wool, currently used both for rehabilitation of communities as a solution for thermal and acoustic insulation of new buildings.

The use of mineral wool in the rehabilitation of communities is determined by its insulating characteristics, where in addition to the thermal isolation provided by other materials, sound insulation is included. As thermal insulation material, mineral wool in the rehabilitation of communities able to minimize losses or heat gains through the envelope of the community with a large energy saving and improved thermal comfort inside the housing is achieved.

The sound insulation in the rehabilitation of communities with mineral wool because this material cross disorderly and open porosity fibers allows air to be entrapped within their pores, so it provides little ability to sound conductivity is achieved and high levels of soundproofing.

A further advantage of mineral wool in the rehabilitation of a condominium is its fire resistance. The mineral wool is non-combustible mineral and organic products that do not generate toxic fumes and gases or contribute to resistance to fire and not melt until temperatures above 1000 C, retaining their mechanical properties to high temperatures.

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