Making soap insecticide home

How to insecticidal soap Home

If you want an effective way to eliminate insects in your garden, you can make a homemade insecticidal soap.

It is the potassium soap, which is frequently used to kill pests on plants that have suffered heavy attack. The soap damages the exoskeleton of insects and kills them by not letting them breathe.
Another important application of this insecticidal soap to plants is as an adjuvant, ie, organic compounds are used to improve the efficiency and performance of pesticides.

Potash soap is considered a good insecticide and fungicide, very valid to remove pests such as scale insects, mildew, powdery mildew, etc. , It is also very safe because it is biodegradable under the action of water and sun.

Ingredients for making soap insecticide for plants

– 1 liter of olive oil


-1.5 liters of juice of a lemon

-1 potatoes

– 3 kilos of wood

Preparing potash soap

– Light a fire with wood and collect the leftover ash.

– In a ventilated room or outdoors, using a metal container other than aluminum, ash mixed with a liter of water. Let stand for three days.

– Check potassium carbonate concentration in the mixture. To do this, put the potatoes and check sinking halfway. If no fleet should add more ash to the mix, and wait 24 hours to repeat the test.

– Go add the oil and stir everything together until a homogeneous slurry.

– Place the mixture in an oven at elevated temperature (for 120 to 180 minutes at 85 C) and bake until it acquires good texture soap.

After obtaining the insecticide for plants soap, we can store long Making Soap Insecticide Home even if there is a little stale, we must use what we go as needed.

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