Making pots with recycled objects

Making Original Pots with recycled objects

Always we look for ways to recover items and beautify our home, and that’s what we did to make pots out of recycled objects, which will turn your roof, balcony or garden in a much more special.

Is that you need not spend a small fortune buying plastic or ceramic pots with limited designs when you want to make a more striking setting. Also, this technique is great to use those elements that go unused perfectly with your decor, but have been broken and can no longer wear them as they are now.

Meet these tips to reuse objects and make original pots for your flowers find their new home.

Recycled items for original pots

Almost any object with a concave shape can be converted into a planter hanging or floor. You just have to ensure that is large enough to allow the roots of your plants open, and you have some kind of drainage space, which can achieve drilling elements hot nails, holes with appropriate drill bit, or using items you already have a open frame.

For example, you can make a pot reusing the old pasta strainer, placing in a piece of burlap or plastic not as compact tissue, land, and your flower inside. Remember to make some holes in the plastic to prevent water from pooling there.

You can split an existing element, or even create your own natural pot weaving green branches from your yard and allowing them to dry until they are firmly, trying to make something compact framework that achieves contain land without allowing it to fall or the roots stick out by lack of containment.

On the other hand, remember that the tins, airtight containers, glass jars and bottles, old metal boxes of biscuits, wooden crates, to a pair of rubber boots for rain that no longer stay can be transformed into a pot made with recycled objects that will help minimize waste and assist in the maintenance of your surroundings and keep your home free unused objects!

What to consider when creating the pots?

Remember that plants need a certain temperature in their land to survive. You can isolate the cold outside placing compacted peat at the base and sides of the pot recycled, and always put land specially formulated for growing pot or planter, which has nutrients and elements that allow the best development of your plants.

Good drainage is essential for plants falling into decay or are removed soil nutrients too soon. Complements the homemade fertilizer and irrigation liquid manure, and make sure that the land has a small moisture steadily, without drying completely but without flooding. If you notice that the drain is not suitable for pot recycled objects, use a screwdriver to make extra holes in the bottom.

Finally, remember to make homemade pots according to the needs of each plant you’re going to put inside. Not only in the composition of the earth but also in temperature, irrigation drainage, and above all, in size. There are varieties that require greater volume and depth, and more compact surface: choose first flower or plant, and then you can make more suitable pots with recycled objects and all comfort for your fellow garden.

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