Making Natural Fertilizer

Recipes for Natural Fertilizer

Just as you care to plan your weekly meals and satisfy your stomach when you ask for some food, plants must also receive sufficient nutrients from sleep and irrigation water. And to ensure optimum land cultivation, nothing better to do a natural fertilizer ingredients free of chemicals and bad companions.

Compost (compost) is the best known of making fertilizer or manure way home.
This is the recovery of organic waste we produce at home, which mixed with soil, diverse and share insect substrates, rots and thus produces minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients to the soils of all types of plants.

Although the natural fertilizer is a very effective way to feed the garden, takes his time. Perhaps the only drawback of compost is the smell that emerges during preparation, it is appropriate to elaborate on the side furthest from the home and garden where it does not.

Difference between compost and fertilizer

Although fertilizers share their responsibilities (both seek to promote soil nutrition to promote the development and growth of pantas), when talking about fertilizers imagine immediately an element of natural origin, whereas if we say fertilizers we mean a compound of chemical, processed or produced by human intervention inevitably.

But in this article we are explaining how to make natural fertilizer, right? . And that’s just what we do. We create a compound with safer chemicals, to improve nutrition of soils, allow better development of plants and species, and we will safely home.

Nutrients home fertilizer must contain

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), soil improvement depends heavily on its constant composition of essential nutrients, including three minerals:

Nitrogen (lack evidence on the ground with pale leaves, yellow, fall and decreased abnormal plant growth).

Phosphorus (lack causes underdeveloped growth, diseases and impoverishment of budding and flowering).

Potassium (no wrinkled leaves his evidence, ripening out of time, and decreased growth in plants).

A natural fertilizer for each nutrient

There are many ways to make home safe fertilizer elements, taking advantage of what you have at home. These recipes combine the best of both worlds, because they act like little concentrated, yet also as liquid manure fertilizer.

Potassium fertilizer to bring home

Take the peels (skins) Three Bananas also not too mature Greens and place in a pot with a liter of water, whole. It leads to low or medium heat and simmer, uncovered, along with two tablespoons of sugar, preferably blonde.

After about five minutes removed from the heat, let cool slightly and filtered, only reserving the liquid. Bottles or applied directly to the land of your plants. This natural fertilizer benefits flowering and fruit production.

To provide phosphorus

The next time you turn on the fireplace, barbecue grill or wood, do not get rid of the ashes. Making Natural Fertilizer with a large (or the same grill) sieve and Making Natural Fertilizer common in 1 liter of water. Used irrigation water once a week.

Provide natural fertilizer for nitrogen

Place approximately 20 g of dried nettle (or 100 g of fresh nettle, cut into small pieces) in a bucket with 1 liter of mineral water or common. Cover the bucket and moves twice a day, approximately, for a total of 7-8 weeks for the plant to rot. Check bubbles form on the surface of the water, showing rot. When disappear, the product is ready to be filtered, bottled and diluted with 10-20 parts water before use.

To provide calcium

Keep shells of 5 eggs, leaving them to soak in ordinary water for an entire day. After 24 hours, filtered to discard large debris and used water directly into the ground where necessary.

Security measures to make homemade fertilizer

Whenever you work with chemicals, cleaning compounds or natural substances that may emit gases, vapors or other, remember that safety comes first. It is essential to use ingredients of the highest quality work in a ventilated room (away from direct sunlight, air currents pronounced, flame heat sources) and using appropriate safety elements, such as gloves, mask, goggles, and what it is you need.

Do not allow children to handle chemicals, even of certain types, and keep pets away at home while doing work natural fertilizer or any other similar compound.

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