Making door wreaths

Ideas for Door Wreaths

Door garlands and wreaths of flowers, fruits, herbs, branches and other items are a special detail that can create to decorate your home at any time. Whether a party, a meeting, a change of season or just because, here we offer good ideas to create garlands, wreaths and swags with all charm.

Why make door wreaths?

Place decorations at the entrance to our home is much more than create a pretty picture.

A energy level, the figure of the circle optimizes inflows. The ancient oriental cultures well know, and even in the most modern and technological figures of this type homes shine in revenue as a way to let you know at the same Universe that gladly received positive, abundance and prosperity.

According to Feng Shui, the entrance to our house should always be neat, clean, tidy with flowers or bright circular elements and prosperity invite to visit. It is that in life, everything is circular, everything is nourished by everything, everything opposes and is consistent with what surrounds him simultaneously. And that’s what we stand for with garlands and wreaths in our hall, created with good thoughts and using the 5 elements for a complete abundance.

Door wreaths for the changing seasons

Inspired by the most representative elements of the station that is beginning, and place them on a disk or donut carton (or styrofoam, if you want), attached with hot and then sprayed with lacquer to protect silicone spray.

In the autumn will pine nuts, seeds, twigs and leaves. In the winter white color will be the favorite, with cutouts shaped snowflake, resin elements, imitations of snowy pine branches and red berries. In spring flowers and fresh leaves are big favorites, well colorful, while in the summer you can use herbs and beach items such as shells, starfish, shells and sand background imitation (or donates cardboard cover Spanish) arena.

Original door wreaths for family and social events

Door wreaths created by the event of the evening. For example, for a child’s birthday you can make a garland of candy, whether rubber or common, with chocolates and cookies, bonded with real disc pastillaje or dry fondant, so your guests can take Door Wreaths when they arrive or withdraw (kids will love to).

Is it a tea party with the ladies? A Tupperware-party? To entertain your friends, you receive them with a garland created with rubber gloves, steel wool or pot scrubbers or other cleaning of the kitchen, to disrupt it before retiring. Liberating and entertaining.

For men’s events, you can create garlands according to the activity of the evening: with tops of beers with playing cards and poker chips or anything that will be used, including sports memorabilia if the event will gather to watch the game.

More ideas for making door wreaths

You can create your wreath door from coffee filters and colored paper, with scraps of cloth, with fresh or dried flowers, with Christmas strips, lights, small dolls and animals plastics, glass sugar (or sugar cubes color ) with seeds, poultry feed, with little pinwheels of colored paper, ribbons of your present received the choices are endless, it only remains to put your imagination and creativity start to home income is special. And for that, nothing like door wreaths in the colors of your event or the extent of the occasion.

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