Making a green garden

Garden gardens typically includes a variety of colorful flowers and leaves of various plants that make our plant space in a large palette of bright and attractive colors. However, there are environments that do better over a liberating calm color palette, and here the green is the favorite. Whether for meditation spaces, waiting rooms or clinics and offices, planning a green garden can be the answer to your needs.

Above all, remember that green color plays a very important role in our sensory perception. It’s a relaxing, calm and hopeful color, which facilitates concentration for work and studies, and also for meditation. To achieve a green garden gentler waiting, and promote our focus on work or daily tasks.

To plan a green garden, we must try choosing perennial or deciduous varieties, but thinking about its renewal. Usually, they require little maintenance, such as placement of fertilizer and few pesticides treatments.

Among the most sought for planning varieties of green gardens, you will find a variety of climbers, being the absolute queen Ivy (Hedera helix). This species prefers the shade and cool and ventilated areas, but is very resistant to different climates. It is simple and very fruitful crop. Also shrubbery are sought for planning green gardens. The garden or aligustrina (Ligustrum sinense) is a major, because it allows the decorative pruning.

The kochia (Kochia scoparia) is a highly desired variety because it produces a matte green leafy achieved clear that decorate every corner, either being ground up in pots and rocky areas. It is a plant with large sprout if it keeps enough moisture, and is very easy to garden sometimes it’s the dedication to his control for playback.

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum) and ferns include plants for green gardens, perhaps the most refreshing and lively. They occupy the place that normally take colorful flowers, bringing their joy and their delicate movements when they receive air.

Finally, a beautiful green garden would not be complete without their sticks and canes. In this regard, bamboo and papyrus are the two most sought after species because of its forms that reflect calm and serenity, and whose appreciation goes back to remote landscapes and simpler times as if by magic.

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