The book keeping of a condominium or building book: binding document, according to current regulations concerning building, for all neighboring communities and in which the structural characteristics of the new buildings are detailed, and sets the basic rules to follow for good maintenance of the owners’ actions. It must be submitted by the developer of the building to the homeowners.

While the book-keeping communities is mandatory for new buildings, also it is that many neighboring communities, lack of it, but this place does not mean not having to take a series of preventive actions concerning the necesariaspara community almantenimientode the preservation of the homeowners, to ensure the safety and living conditions required by the CTE (technical building code) for all buildings.

It is not only mandatory, also the book keeping of a condominium, is highly recommended because it can lead to considerable savings for lacomunidad of vecinoscon minimal investment.

Not infrequently, the lack of maintenance of common elements of the residents, such as the facade, accelerate the process of natural degradation thereof, leading to costly and reiteradasrehabilitaciones.

It is therefore all the communities of owners must have and maintain their book-keeping communities.

When the residents lack the Book of the building, you can contact companies specialized in the maintenance of communities that Mantenimiento Edificios and advise in relation to the actions to be taken, the time limits in which proceedings must be conducted and facilities which must be submitted amantenimiento in the homeowners.

From our news section we want to help all the communities of residents and owners, reporting mandatory and recommended actions for the proper maintenance of neighboring communities and we will publish the necessary and useful for the various common elements of the building reviews.

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