Maintaining residents’ encompasses not only the cleaning of common areas such as the portal of entry, stair landings, the gardens, but also has to meet the systems and the common facilities, such as satellite dishes , central heating pipes and structural elements of the building.

The new technical building code, Article 2 establishes the duty of the community of owners to conserve the building and its facilities in safety, comfort, safety, accessibility, and functionality for which adequate sanitation is necessary to take out appropriate maintenance tasks.

There are three types of maintenance that can be carried out in a community of owners:

Projective maintenance is a maintenance guy in a project with building improvements aimed at increasing the performance of the building is made.
It is a kind of maintenance that is performed long term.

Preventive maintenance: This type of maintenance is performed in the medium term and objetico is to reduce the probability of failure, failure, or problems in the building emerge.

Corrective maintenance: When failures occur or defects in buildings is the time to perform corrective maintenance in order to remedy these Mantenimiento Edificios It is therefore a short-term maintenance.

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