The evaluation report BUILDINGS (IEE)

The adoption of the Law Construcción, of June 26th, rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal, has been a major change in what regards the land market and housing. This law is born with three clear objectives: promote rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal, allowing the conversion of the building to the rehabilitation of buildings, improving the state of conservation, accessibility, quality, sustainability and energy efficiency in communities owners.

Among the novelties that this law is necessary to emphasize the creation of the Evaluation Report of buildings (IEE) report that partly replaces the current ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings) since it will serve to inform not only the state of conservation buildings but also their conditions of universal accessibility and the degree of energy efficiency thereof.

The implementation of Building Assessment Report, supported by the approval of the regulatory bases and the announcement of the aid program for ergy refurbishment of existing buildings in the residential sector, prepared by the Board of Directors of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving ergy (IDEA), by Resolution of June 25, 2013, is, for the communities of owners who wish to benefit from state aid for conservation works, universal accessibility and energy efficiency lla of that obligation dedisponer Building Assessment Report (IEE) in order to access aid.

Therefore, if an owners obtained an unfavorable rating in the Technical Building Inspection (ITE), had to perform rehabilitation work, which, according to the rules established in the current Technical Building Code, must be made with energy efficiency criteria (Basic requirement HE 1: Requirement for limiting energy demand) and ask for aid for energy rehabilitation works in your community, you must to have the Building Assessment Report, which also include the Report Technical Building Inspection (ITE), it shall inform the universal accessibility and the degree of energy efficiency of the homeowners.

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