REHABILITATION terraces and balconies

The facade of a condominium are the most visible building blocks of homes, protected from all external elements, but above all are the elements that suffer and deteriorate more for their constant interaction with the environment. But even within the walls more susceptible elements suffer more damage than others such as balconies and terraces.

The deterioration of terraces and balconies is mainly due to constant exposure to environmental factors such as are sudden changes in temperature, rainfall, the presence of moisture.
And often result in an unfavorable ite for the homeowners. Good maintenance can prevent an inspection (ITE) unfavorable and rehabilitation work.

Avoid an unfavorable ITE and subsequent rehabilitation requires a condominium well maintained terraces and balconies and repaired as soon as possible injuries to go looking on balconies and terraces and for it just be aware of possible defects that may appear and repair them promptly.

The main lesions of the terraces often generate unfavorable Ite and require rehabilitation of the facade are: deterioration of flooring (usually tiles) and the waterproofing layer, cracks in the slab edges and presence of moisture. Such injuries can cause water slipping down the facade causing damage to it or generating humidity in lower floors.

For the balconies of the facades of neighboring communities must take into account that its construction system is different from the terraces, which are formed as an extension of the floor of the building facade.

Balconies, usually constituted by separate steel structures of the facade of the floor and protected, in some cases, a layer of REHABILITATION terraces in addition to the typical lesions that may appear on the terraces may have damage from oxidation processes of the metal structure forming the balcony.

Oxidation in extreme cases can cause corrosion of the metal structure of the balconies with the consequent loss of the bearing capacity and the risk of detachment.

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