thermal insulation of buildings there are two important concepts to consider: transmittance and thermal conductivity. Thermal Transmittance is defined as the amount of energy passing through a unit area of a constructive element in the unit time (U value). The U value is used to calculate building insulation and building energy losses.

The thermal conductivity (lambda) is the physical property of materials that measures the ability thereof to heat conduction. It is the ability of a substance to transfer the kinetic energy of its molecules to other molecules or substances with which it is not in contact.

The thermal conductivity of different insulating materials ranging from values of 25 and 50 mW Aislamiento Térmico mC. Thus as a rule of selecting the thermal insulation must be taken into account that for each 7-8mW difference should be increased 1cm layer of insulation for providing thermal identical.

Other important aspects to consider in the thermal performance of materials are the strength and absorption of water in its different states, resistance to compression and reaction to fire.

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