Ideas for decorating with candles at Christmas

Colored candles to decorate the whole house at Christmas

Candles are unique. They illuminate, give warmth, and help us guide the energies around us. But it is not just placing some candles here and there, but do it with emotion and feelings.

Know what the most appropriate for each sector of home this Christmas candles are.

Candles for Christmas Room

In the kitchen, office, study room, and even those in work in the library can decorate with candles orange and blue, yellow, brown. Orange and yellow will help you reflect, increase your concentration and planning the year ahead. They are selected to attract travel, business, new projects, and promote the joy and strength.

Coffee candle meditation help to overcome conflicts and problems, and attract work and stability. For its part, the blue collaborate in our memory, our wisdom and inspiration. They stabilize our relationships and attract justice, truth and calm.

In the family room, the media room or dining room, leverages yellow candles and golden. Not only related to the Christmas theme, but conducive to spiritual elevation, help fight envy and contempt, and attract prosperity.

Purple candles will help to achieve peace, spirituality and light in your family. One trick is smear it with pepper before turning it as our home away from the troublemakers.

In the room and in the bathrooms, leverages pink candles that promote love and romance, plus the intimacy and love toward others and to ourselves.

Tips for decorating with candles for Christmas

Put your candles on white dishes, adding seeds if you like, coins (especially gold) and elements that evoke in you love, peace, friendship and wellbeing. Always light them with matches and lighters not, and let them burn until completely consumed at any time of day. Never leave them unattended for safety.

If there are problems in the family or workplace, take advantage of spirituality combined date and candles lit in green and red, very appropriate for the Christmas season and to open roads. White candles are very special, and if you accompany with other green candles at Christmas peace and harmony on these occasions.

It increases the powers of the celebration by adding a red candle in the center of the table, preferably surrounded by decorations and golden elements. On the sides, placed white candles perched on rice grains and seeds to attract abundance to all present, and distributed throughout the home some gold and silver for the same purposes.

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