Ideas for decorating a small kitchen

One of the challenges we currently face in modern buildings is to space problems. And not just any problem, it is a big challenge, and we must find an appropriate distribution so that the kitchen is functional, we allow correct mobility and also present a cozy design.

Doing all this is what we will try through this article, with a series of tips to help you decorate and create a distribution in a small kitchen.

Lighting is one of the key points in small kitchens. The brightness of the place greatly influences the colors and the feeling of spaciousness. Ideally let natural light enter all you can, because this is the best light, but if you have that kind uses white light focusing the main areas of the kitchen.

The color of the walls and furniture is also an aspect to consider. The clearer the kitchen, the greater the feeling of spaciousness. Use light colors like whites, beiges or different pastel shades.

Beware of kitchen accessories. They help stimulate kitchen decor but a very large number or improper placement can damage the feeling of spaciousness. Make only the righteous accessories (the rest keep them in the closet) look not to overwhelm the eye. If the eye can wander through the kitchen without impediment, the feeling of greatness is greater.

And speaking of storing accessories not used, it is important to choose the furniture that performs that function. The furniture in small kitchens should be as versatile as possible, taking every little corner of the kitchen.

There is much variety of products designed for these spaces, furniture adapted to exploit every centimeter useful furniture. Looking good in catalogs kitchens and find practical and appealing solutions.

Following the furniture, take a look also to the folding furniture, perfect for this type of confined spaces. Both chairs and folding or extendable tables are perfect to save space when it is really necessary, but having a compact size in day to day everyday.

Finally to recall something that previously small kitchen order is essential in this type of cuisine. A collected and ordered space is a space that visually looks much bigger. Clean visually the decor of your kitchen and it seem larger 10 meters.

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