Hydrangeas plantation

A garden without flowers is like a life without happiness. Is not it? A garden is beautiful with lots of flowers, hydrangeas and if you have, then your garden flourish with many colorful flowers safely. Hydrangeas have about 70-75 species, including shrubs, small trees and lianas.
They are native to North America, South America, South and East Asia, and are mostly planted in the spring. While planting hydrangeas, you have to decide on the location carefully. Once they reach properly, they are able to stand for years providing flower each year. Here in this article, we will help you plant your hydrangea in a suitable place, and provide some important tips too.

Tips for planting hydrangeas

Hydrangeas is one of the most popular flowering plant in the world. They are known for their beautiful flowers pink and blue white purple, which bloom during the flowering season. Therefore, hydrangeas can give your garden look more beautiful and lively. Here are some tips that will help to plant hydrangeas on their own, to keep things in mind.

Hydrangeas right time for plants

You can buy plants hydrangeas at any time from a gardener or a nursery, but to get to the right and healthy, you need to plant them at a particular time. They can be planted in spring, but planting in the fall or spring will give you better results. Avoid planting in mid-summer, as it may not be able to withstand the hot weather.

Hydrangeas location for planting

Location plays an important role in proper growth of hydrangeas. They require partial shade and can grow well in soft sunlight. Therefore, the morning sun is good for them. But try to find a place where there is no shade in the afternoon. Intense sunlight can damage their growth and can affect your flower. Apart from this, even excessive shade can hinder their growth. You need to check the pH level of the soil as well. If the soil is then acid despite hydrangea plant a pink, blue flowers obtained. Similarly, if the soil is low acid, then the blue flower can reach rose. Therefore, if you want a particular color of hydrangeas, then keep the pH level of the soil into account before planting any hydrangea. Hydrangea tree can grow to a height of 4 meters, so if you’re thinking of planting a tree, then you better see that the height is not a problem in your garden.

Steps to plant hydrangeas

Once you have decided on the location of the plant and the season. Whether you plant or potted hydrangeas hydrangeas, you must follow the procedure of planting it.

Cave where you have decided to place the plant. Make loose soil and add compost. The place should be 2 times deeper than the roots of the plant.

Now remove the plant from its cover and loosen the soil stuck in and around its roots.

Place the plant in the interior of the earth and then pour the dirt floor in the hole and gently pack.

Watering properly and make the floor wet properly. Do not pour too much water as it can lead to root rot. Take care of the plant and maintain adequate sunlight and water supply.

You just keep attention on account hydrangea flower and get according to your expectations. Prune the plant each year and maintain adequate water supply. Your garden will be a sight to behold.

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