Hydrangea centerpieces

Hortensia is a simple flower with a relatively smaller flowering. Hydrangea decorations always a very romantic and cute appearance. This makes them one of the most sought after flowers for wedding decoration.
Centerpieces Hydrangea seem particularly impressive. The small size makes them ideal flowers for centerpieces. Apart from that, also they used for bouquets, corsages, altar ornaments, etc.

Hydrangea centerpieces

Hydrangea flowers are available from spring to autumn, so they are ideal for summer weddings, spring weddings and autumn weddings. Moreover, these flowers are available in many vibrant colors, making it easy to coordinate with the wedding theme. The variety of colors is also useful when combining with other flowers. Purple, pink, white, blue, are some of the popular colors of hydrangea. Purple hydrangea flowers look suitable for fall weddings while pink look great in spring. Blue hydrangea make a very cool and refreshing decoration summer wedding look. White hydrangea can decorate any wedding decoration for its serene beauty. Hydrangeas are also available in mixtures like pink and purple or orange and garnet, which often reflect the spirit of the fall. The contrast between these colors makes its presence felt everywhere in the decoration of the wedding.

Hydrangea centers for weddings can be made from any variety of hydrangea available. The flower color should be chosen according to the theme of the wedding or the wedding season. These flowers can be the decorative centerpiece on its own or can be used in combination with other flowers. Hydrangeas elegant calla lilies complement very well. The long-stemmed calla lilies are suitable for centerpieces. Hydrangeas flower match as strong trumpet with delicate flower. They also blend well with exotic flowers like orchids, that are bright colors like hydrangeas. Centers pink or purple hydrangea wedding look lovely and exudes a romantic charm. Blue hydrangea looks great for formal occasions. Since, hydrangea flower is compact, with a cluster of many flowers, always makes a more complete to the central wedding decor look.

Making their own centers Hydrangea

If you do not have time to book a florist for decorating your centerpiece or want to save the cost of fees florist, then make your own centerpieces simple wedding hydrangea flowers is a great idea. Unlike other flower decorations, decoration hydrangea is not complicated. One important thing to keep in mind when table Hydrangea centers is that these flowers need to be well hydrated. Therefore, purchasing a floral foam is a necessity. Drinking cold water in a large bowl and enjoy hydrangea flowers with flower down. After an hour or so, take the flowers out and allow them to drain. Cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees and dip the flowers in a bucket of warm water. Leave overnight. Cutting blocks of floral foam according to the size of the pot. Completely submerge the foam and then placed in the pot. Take hydrangea flowers and put out each stem into the floral foam. Adjust the stems to give a desired shape to the arrangement. Arrange the Spanish moss in the spaces between the flowers and also at the bottom in order to cover the floral foam exposed.

Thus, the centerpieces of hydrangea wedding is an elegant and inexpensive way of decorating centers. The variety and availability makes the most viable option for the wedding season.

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