Capillarity and moisture due to filtration

Moisture, considered the unwanted presence of liquid water in different areas of the building causes many problems for the homeowners such as harmful environments for health, unsightly effects (odors, bulges, spots) and, More importantly, disintegrations, dissociation and physical and chemical decomposition of materials in which water can lead to serious injuries that affect constructive building accumulates.
Of the different types of moisture affecting the Community of Owners, we analyze the causes of two of them: moisture by filtration and damp.

MOISTURE Filtration

Water, favored by the wind and gravity, passes through the macroscopic gaps of a building directly.
feared such leaks affecting owners of the upper floors of the building fall. They are generally produced by the passage of water through the spaces generated between broken tiles or moved and through pores and fissures in flat roofs.

This type of moisture is independent of the wind or gravity and may appear in any type of enclosure (vertical or horizontal) consisting of porous materials, the capillary structure (tubular) and a point of contact with water.

This type of moisture occurs primarily at the start of the walls from the ground floor or basement low contact with the ground plants when no waterproof membranes or a drainage layer and on the facade, in the meeting points of elements vertical in the same small horizontal platforms (floor terraces, small moldings, gutter).


Internal forces of surface tension, capillary coating materials (porosity) and humidity favor the passage of water through microscopic interstices.

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