How to take advantage of natural light in the home

How to take advantage of natural light

Natural light gives a special visual aspect to the environments. Besides, is not the same to enter a place with light, one dark.

Achieving this is not difficult, simply by combining colors, placing the furniture in a certain way and clarifying the different surfaces achieve a decoration full of light and many more positive.

Leveraging light with the apertures

The openings play an important role as far as the use of natural light is concerned. The, more uniform windows, the higher is the light that let in. It is best to paint them the same color as the wall for greater brightness. You can connect arched windows and remove walls to give greater light. These connections, and expand in view space, allow for greater distribution of light in the environment.

Keep in mind that I too much light (at certain times of day) should be controlled drapes, blinds or some decorative elements.

How to harness light to furniture

Furniture ideal for a better use of natural light is low, which in addition to the idea of continuity, allow better distribution.

If you have wall units, one must place them against the wall, circling the room for natural light makes it to every corner. It is not at all advisable to put a cabinet in the middle of the path of light from the window into the room. Furniture should never be placed in front of a window or door window.

Shelves or libraries are also placed against the wall, and better if they have no background.

How to take advantage of natural light with surfaces

The natural light coming through the openings is reflected on surfaces in the environment, which can absorb or reject. So we know that the textures and materials used in the decoration of the room must be designed for the result to be obtained.

Clear and shiny surfaces reflect light better, while light and shiny floors, and bright furnishings, allow optimizing the use of natural light. They also help clear and with few veins woods. If there is iron or aluminum furniture, they should be painted in bright colors. The glass gives very interesting light effect.

If there are plants in the environment, the best are those with clear leaves, the bouquets are also collaborating with the luminosity. Boxes with clear colares frames and mirrors placed in strategic locations are always useful. And if the soil is dark, you can place a white or a soft tone carpet.

The colors and light

Color plays a fundamental role in the use of natural light as it can lighten or darken the room.

Light colors are the best choice when it comes to generating more light. You can opt for cakes, light and soft tones, which provide ademar light, give the idea more spacious room.

Both moldings as ceilings must be white, or at least clearer than the walls, because in this way more light feeling and space occurs.

For the choice of fabrics and draperies, clear, slightly thick and with a open weave fabrics allow greater passage of light, this is the case of tulle linen or gauze. The cushions of the chairs of light colors multiply light entering.

Finally, do not forget that too large prints slightly darkened environment.

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