How to put together a gardening kit

Indispensable tools for gardening

When spring arrives, the warmth generated doors we wanted to be outside. Meet our garden is no longer just a pleasure, but a must to appreciate it in all its glory throughout the summer.

True, those who do not have a set of gardening tools lay hold any element that serves to accomplish his purposes.
Spoons to make holes in the ground, fingers to rake up ordinary scissors to cut herbs. But this hurts the welfare of our plants, and also does not allow us to work in the most appropriate manner.

Garden tools and their care

To have a proper set of gardening tools, you need to have a gardening shovel small size, suitable for both land and for a pot or planter. If you prefer to have a common, open and flat, and edge, narrower and concave, which creates holes deeper. They may be plastic or metal.

Always make sure to clean them, withdrawing the land, grass clippings, and the remaining moisture after each task, to keep them in perfect condition. If they had lost the edge on the sides, you can review them with stone or with a manual grinder, but need not be too sharp, just enough to cut the weeds and roots without tearing them. If you succeed, removable Garden tools: a set of two (short and long) and two spoons handles (the tip and wide) that are embedded according to your needs.

For gardening tasks floor it is convenient to have a hoe or rake ends, which allows turning the soil, aerating, and facilitate the planting of seeds. You can have a larger one hand and a rake, or a single tool in plastic or metal to air and simultaneously collect dirt. Care is the same as the shovels should always be clean, dry and ventilated.

Irrigation indispensable tools

Hose connectors sprinklers peaks and enables a much more suitable daily watering, because by not flood the earth prevents compacting. If you do not have peak sprayer or sprinkler uses a frog floor, or adjusts a plastic soda bottle at the end of the hose, and make several holes in the side that faces up. This allows the same effect irrigation.

Remember to remove the hose from the sun when not in use, leaving it always hung and free of sharp folds. Do not forget you have a small hand shower, for plants that are in height and the smallest that can not be soaked in his glass.

A bottle with hand sprayer will help you clean the leaves of larger plants, or to apply the cure and prevention products. In this case, remember to have gloves to protect your hands, which also will be useful when working with the pruning shears, removing dead branches, affected stems and unnecessary.

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