How to Plant Bulbs

Guide to Plant Bulbs

If you are looking to give more charm to your garden or pots on the balcony, then you should learn how to plant bulbs to ensure better development and have the most beautiful flowers throughout the year.

Here we show you everything you need to know that your home is full of flavor and color, with sensational plants bulbs kept for yourself.

When planting bulbs?

This is perhaps more repeated the question.
You must acknowledge the climatic cycle of your area of residence, to know when frost cycle begins. The bulbs should be planted (sown or call earth) about six to eight weeks before a hard frost, when the ground has not yet been frozen. For the southern hemisphere, this time will be in the fall (March-April) and for the northern hemisphere will be between September and October.

If you have already started the winter (snowfall and repeated frosts) it is best to keep the bulbs in newspaper, to planting the following year. This is imperative for most varieties that bloom in the spring, as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, three of the best-loved bulbous plants in our gardens.

Best bulb plants for home

Besides daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, other varieties that do well in the home they include snowdrops (Galanthus), trout lilies and pineapple, Allium and Arabian Star (Ornithogalum). The truth is that depends on your taste, because you can plant bulbs of any kind if you consider basic care to the task placed in cold soil, not too wet, and properly nourish until budding and flowering.

Tips for planting bulbs

No technique too when successfully grow bulbs. After preserve wrapped in newspaper, landless and moisture and protected from direct sun, it is best to immerse bulb in warm water while you prepare the soil in the pot or flowerbed, and sure place pointing up into the ground ( bulbs have a long, pointed end should be up), about 10-15 cm deep and spaced apart, in the case of other plant bulbs in the same stonemason.

Covered with soil, pressed his hands and, if you have pets, it is best to place wire or plastic mesh on the ground, to avoid the temptation to dig. Always fertilized with natural compounds that are healthy for the earth and pets (other plants) as guano, homemade compost or other you prefer to use.

Keep the soil barely moist during the autumn and winter, no more watering or letting it dry or crack on the surface, since this would prevent the opening and development of the bulb. You can add chips or moss on the ground, to help better conserve soil moisture and, over time, will decompose naturally nourish the crop.

Depending on the weather in your city you need to place your bulbs in pots in the shade or even inside the house, they must not have excessive moisture or high temperatures. Fulfilling these basic care to plant bulbs as soon as spring arrives you will discover an explosion of color in your garden, balcony or terrace.

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