How to make pumpkin lights for Halloween

Pumpkin lanterns for Halloween Original and Easy

According to tradition, if you put lamps pumpkin on the porch of your home on October 31 and you light a candle in the dark, those who make mischief and wickedness to housing will have 14 hours of darkness. Good reason to create one of these great lamps and decorative pumpkin for Halloween! Here you have some original ideas.

Lamps carved pumpkin

Carve a pumpkin lamp is quite simple.
He simply placed on the worktable a plastic tablecloth to avoid enchastres, and take a rather small and very sharp knife.

Cut a circle (or other shape) around the upper stem of the pumpkin, not less than 5 centimeters apart, and pull up to remove the central core with the seeds. With the knife and a melon spoon, remove the maximum amount of meat inside, and creates a flat base at the bottom, where the candle or lamp will place you want.

Using a pencil or a sharp object, draw a face, the shapes of bats and spiders, or whatever the design you want to achieve in your lamp pumpkin for Halloween. Pumpkin lanterns for Halloween carefully, using the knife and attention to the task. You can remove the cut completely or simply remove the outer part of the shell, to make a sort of glaze. Another idea is to remove the draft of the lamp and placed inside baking paper or acetates of colors, giving it a more appealing to your jack-o-lantern look.

For a more elegant and modern design, use a drill and a 1 cm diameter. Create geometric patterns and dotted lines, or mark the foundation to cut letters and integers names to your liking. So you Pumpkin lanterns for Halloween pumpkin customized in different sizes.

Alternative lamps pumpkin for Halloween

Not only can you use your pumpkins and gourds for Halloween lamp. Depending on where you live and the climate of your city, you can make them with melons, watermelons, pineapples and other fruits.

Another idea is to create lamps with paper mache natural or hardened copying paper forms a balloon, create pumpkins plastic, moldable mass or cans without labels. To make designs, simply drilling or drilling with nails, paint synthetic enamel spray, and place a candle inside (provided that the material is not paper, cardboard, plastic or other flammable).

Pumpkin colored lamps

Finally, you can make more elegant lamps and sober pumpkin, just creating it with the traditional technique and then painting it with liquid synthetic enamel or spray. The golden tones, silver and metallic modern objects give for Halloween, and primary, alone or combined, create more playful and entertaining designs.

If you brushstrokes pumpkin craft glue (such as mod podge) and sprinkle with glitter, you’ll get a gourd of lamp brightness, good women. You can even spray paint that glows in the dark, and make designs to decorate your home with sensational for Halloween mode.

Create your own version of pumpkin lanterns for Halloween dress up your home, ward off wicked and evil spirits, and also to pray for the Saints and the Dead to light the candle, according to tradition.

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