How to make a quilt on the ground

Elacolchado or mulching is or process by which it is added to the ground surface a protective layer, either of organic and inorganic matter. This, in addition to keep the soil moist and therefore does not need as much irrigation system also prevents the growth of weeds, since not give the sun, can not germinate.

Another benefit, in the case of having made a mulch is that it decomposes brings nutrients to the soil.

The padding can be carried out with different and varied materials.

Shredded pine bark. This is a very good material to use as mulch, we can get bags in any nursery. As the crusts usually come in different sizes, and we recommend placing the finer larger first over. It is also a good choice, this crust placed on a mesh not help weeds appear. This method is very simple and inexpensive, but it is a bit complicated when cleaning it must be removed dry leaves or flowers that have fallen to the ground and have been on the bark.

Leaves. a good layer of leaves at the base of the plant is placed and also to avoid to grow something, go decomponiendo and serve as natural fertilizer plants. You need to add a little more leaves and then.

Pine needle. The pine needle is nothing other than the elongated, rigid, thin sheet of the same. This mulch helps conserve soil moist well, it breaks down quickly and must be changed every year or when it starts to get grayish color.

Gravel and aggregates. The gravel and aggregate may be of different colors. Do not forget to place a antihierbas mesh before pouring the gravel, so the appearance of it will be negligible. If the mesh is no place, it may be that a few weeds appear.

Peat, compost or compost. These three elements decompose easily and give the soil nutrients much benefit to the plant, but has the problem of not avoiding too the growth of weeds.

Straw. It is very traditional use straw as a mulch, especially in orchards, as well protects the soil from drying.

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