How to Make a Decorative Radiator Covers

Steps to Making a Decorative Radiator Covers

After the passage of the cold season, you should make a thorough cleaning of the radiator, with the corresponding and subsequent purge fluid to prevent clogging in the circuits. And well groomed and dry, take measures high, overall width (including space occupying Main, existirla in sight) and also the depth of the entire piece, to create the radiator covers to help decorate our surroundings.

Since these measures do the item, we will describe as a sort of incomplete drawer: front, top cover and two side, without floor or back.
Thus, we can place it landed on the floor and the front of the heater, hiding and providing extra support surface to use as a shelf or side table.

If you prefer you can attach to the wall using be hidden behind the drawer, ensuring the element to withstand regular use and brush hooks. But this would leave hooks in sight when we are not using the cover for the radiator, so we chose a more elegant option: a thin plate and long to be located behind the element, thereby fixing the radiator cover in place and giving security It uses. To do this, simply screw or attach a flat frame in L, metal, polystyrene, wood or whatever you prefer. Remember that there will be visible, so you can make it as wide as you want to give even more security.

How to make a decorative radiator covers easily

We can use an infinite number of elements here. One way to achieve this is by creating a frame with pipes or wooden slats, then decorate with genres may be the same that we used for curtains, sofa cover, or the cushions of the chair and bed. We can also create the radiator cover with wooden planks, carved or smooth, just attaching them with nails and glue and paint according to the decor of the room. But we chose to create the piece with a much more versatile and economic element: expanded polystyrene.

This element has many names: styrofoam, plastoformo, styrofoam, polystyrene, Styrofoam, Styrofoam, durapax, Decorar (Styrofoam), anime, Decorar and many more. It is very easy to work, light and other economic.

Will cut the pieces to size, watching the front, two side and top cover, overlapping plates of different sizes to create slopes and decorative steps. To join the parts, simply use common white glue or glue universal colorless without toluene.

Once armed the radiator cover, do the hardening technique with cartapesta. Prepare a hardening solution with one part water and one part white glue, and cut regular on something small pieces with your hands (this will facilitate the bonding of the paper). Brush the surface of the cover with the glue solution, and go putting the pieces of newspaper, brushing over to remove the captured air and to ensure perfect adhesion. In total, we three layers of cartapesta, leaving dry well between them and making sure not to leave polystyrene sight.

Finished and dry the last layer of paper, comes the turn of plastic fillings for inside, you can apply with a spatula to make it up, or mix with the rest of the hardening solution and place brush or roller to give a similar texture to the plaster, in two to three layers. Let dry well, and ends with two layers of acrylic paint and Decorar or varnish color that best matches the decor of the room, thus achieving the decorative radiator covers sensational and simple.

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