How to maintain and care for the gardening set

Yahemos learned to care for and maintain the garden tool always in good condition, as this allows us to use them at any time, and avoid the cost of its repair or its parts to oxidation or damage.

Today we will see some secrets that will facilitate maintenance, save and order gardening set.

Start by gathering all your gardening tools, both manual and electric, to give them a good cleaning and maintenance before proceeding.
It is a task that is never over, and that will help you take care and keep all your items, encouraging savings and responsibility.

Electric garden tools must be cleaned first, and then lubricated. Then, give them stored inside the shed, workshop, or within any sector of home. Cover with plastic and fabric to prevent dust settles on them the environment, and keep them protected from the extreme cold and hot climates alike.

On a perforated board, placed pins and hooks. Then this table attached to the wall of the workshop, the shed or part of the garden. This allows you to keep the gardening set in order, also including conventional tools. To protect them, holding a plastic fabric along the upper side of the table on the back holding it with clips. Then simply let it fall freely. This will facilitate to have the full set of clean and free of dusts or damp garden.

Conventional gardening tools such as shovels, rakes, spades and so on, must be properly cleaned after each use. Simply use a dry and clean to remove traces of soil or plant, then give them guard cloth. To do this, nothing better than a locked chest. You can use an old tool box, a trunk or wooden chest, a closed plastic container, a box of fishing or whatever you prefer.

To promote their good condition, gel desiccant placed in the chest. You can also add gender bags with some coffee beans or rice to absorb moisture that could get in the chest guard.

Remember moisturize with chopped nuts or commercial lubricants wooden handles of tools. The alter its dryness, especially when they are in stores, in the cold season. It’s a good idea to do this about four times a year, in the change of seasons, and provechar to clean, hydrate and also to sharpen gardening tools, helping with metal files.

For its part, the farmland must be kept packed in the same bag, but locked. It uses wires, covered wires or hooks for bags closing, preventing soil contamination. The remaining containers, whether plastic, tile, clay or other, must be well cleaned and disinfected to be unemployed, to give them good guard, always upside down and covered with a canvas gender or plastic, avoiding recontamination. You can disinfect naturally, mixing water with white vinegar, alcohol, and this washing liquid by brushing vigorously. You can also use bleach or disinfectant.

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