How to light the kitchen

Lacocina used not only for cooking, but also to other tasks as study, play, meet, etc. For that reason, Lighting is an important factor within it, it should be
functional and practical.

Good lighting will allow to carry out a multiplicity of tasks (cutting, ironing, cooking) they are safe and without risk of accidents by poor vision or disturbing shadows.

How to illuminate a kitchen?

The most common error that occurs in the kitchen, is that a single light in the center of it is installed, this alone will result in work areas have shadows that impede the different tasks performed within this environment. Therefore it is very important to design good lighting at all levels of work and are able to fully enjoy the space.

The lighting should be allowed to see the inside of furniture and drawers, but without getting in the usual displacement of people and the best way is with fluorescent tubes or bulbs distributed.

Fluorescent bulbs provide more light at lower cost, but the bulbs have the advantage that they can be installed anywhere in the kitchen, take up little space and can also get a couple lighting.

How to illuminate the work area in the kitchen

The work area, which would be where are the inns, dishwasher and kitchen, is an area that very often has poor lighting and is shaded by the other elements of the kitchen. Ideally, this area is illuminate in front of the person, and for this fluorescent tubes placed in the bottom of the shelves or furniture are a great solution because it distributes light evenly and over a wide area. Remember that these tubes are very mint of the person who is working there, so they need lamps half the power of normal, low consumption, since they are usually on for many hours a day.

Illuminate the dining room

If the dining room is also located in the kitchen, put in the middle of the table a pendant, it will allow all kinds of work on it without inconvenience of shadows or poor lighting. Better yet if we can regulate its height.

Other tips to illuminate the kitchen

If within the kitchen is objects or details, like a bell, a box, highlight these through the lighting gives the kitchen a different and special at the same time view.

If there is furniture with glass doors really they are very good, with an inner light that lets plant a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Place on kitchen lighting control, allows the same according to the activity being performed at that time is varied: watching TV, reading, food preparation, etc.

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