How to keep a container garden in good condition

Keep a garden in good condition pots sometimes is not based solely on our attention to the plant species. We know some characteristics of the pots, because its material composition and exposure can be so difficult an exemplary gardening.

Not all plants like to be in a pot.
For example, prolonged growth species can be kept in pots, but fast-growing, rapidly found limitations in the area, preventing optimal development.

The pots will have different results according to their material composition. For example, plastic pots are cheaper and lighter, but also suffer the disadvantage of being very resistant to weather incidents. Excessive sun and the extreme cold can crack, putting the plant at risk of losing their container.

Also the plastic pots absorb and retain more heat, which in turn heats the ground floor. This, although it will be beneficial for germinating seedlings and may be unsuitable for certain varieties of winter and abroad.

Pots should not always be at ease on the ground. We can put them on racks of wood or plastic with wheels for easy transport or hanging with hangers to support them from the edges or from its base, to create a hanging garden without difficulties. Terracotta pots and mud are somewhat heavy, so it will be best left at ground level to prevent accidents.

No matter if it is a plastic pot, terracotta or other material, always remember ensure good drainage of water. The plant will absorb enough water, discarding the rest. Make sure your pot has openings at its base, and place stones or gravel to the bottom before placing the ground, to ensure good drainage and eliminate excess water.

Finally, the land must be suitable to use potting soil and the land usually contains more amount of clay that is inconvenient for proper hydration of pot plants. Remember that clay or terra cotta pots seek a faster water evaporation. Do not water too much, but it ensures that the plants in clay pots or similar have enough water.

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