We show here an example of comprehensive energy rehabilitation at a building located in Doctor Juan Bravo 19 was achieved in improving the energy rating of the homeowners, from a letter G to a letter A (the highest score energy rating scale) and also got a building of almost zero energy consumption.

The said building was used as a comprehensive rehabilitation project (PREI) and energy rehabilitation that participated for a total of 57 manufacturers and service providers. The building in question, a community of owners consists of two floors and a ground floor devoted to commercial use, built in the 70s was totally without insulation system facades, windows, balconies and Aislamiento Térmico with serious defects in the sealing and electrical installations and unprotected ancient and very high fuel consumption in heating.

Integral rehabilitation project buildings in Madrid before

The actions carried out in the energy rehabilitation works included the building insulation and waterproofing of walls and roofs which allowed to hide the new facilities and, where the replacement of windows, balcony doors, windows and putting up awnings and blinds are included. All performances energy renovation of the facade were made taking into account the guidelines and their impact on energy consumption, so that on the west facade insulation and joined on the north side apply a ventilated facade system.

To improve the energy efficiency of thermal installations conducted rehabilitation works of such facilities by installing different systems: condensing boiler with low temperature radiators, aerothermal pump, floor and ceiling heating and heat pumps, which show the different options for energy rehabilitation thermal installations.

Other energy rehabilitation actions were the installation of photovoltaic solar panels for solar thermal power and self-generation for the production of hot Aislamiento Térmico amendment and replacement of the old electrical installation that are included detectors and control systems lighting. Energy rehabilitation onboard hydraulic systems also improve efficiency by controlling consumption and new sanitary equipment.

Madrid after comprehensive rehabilitation project

Building automation has also made Aislamiento Térmico for climate control, consumption measurement, lighting and monitoring the building, which has fiber optics and video intercom, and in the garage, a charging point for electric cars.

The comprehensive energy rehabilitation at building higher energy savings achieved 80 and the property has appreciated by 20 and is a clear example of how energy can be rehabilitated to improve the energy rating of a condominium with poor energy rating.

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