How to Ice Bowl

Making a bowl or container Ice

Make a bowl of ice will give your table a totally elegant. You can do simple, color, with aggregates of flowers and fruits and even elements, depending on the use you have for it. You can serve it seafood, cold sandwiches, fruit salads and fresh vegetables in a very special way.
Here’s how to achieve easy and secure with some tips that you may be wondering.

Steps to make ice

Ice is not rocket science, just enough to put cold water in the freezer (within the 0C) to solidify. But if you want your container last longer without thaw, you should apply small simple tricks, such as using dry ice and prepare some days in advance.

If you will not pose food directly on the plate of ice (for example, if you create a somewhat deep and then put crushed ice in, or smaller small plates on which the food rests), the easiest trick is to add coarse salt water before solidifying the liquid. The dissolve well and use this salt water to a bowl of ice that can not consume and that contact would affect the taste of food, but it will be sensational to place drink cans or bottles of drinks a decorative way. Remember to keep it in a rather cool place, away from heat or direct sunlight.

How to make a decorative bowl of ice

For this you need two containers of different sizes, one that marks the outer shape of ice and another dish that marks the inner cavity. You can use salad bowls, platters, baking, whatever you want, whenever they have a difference in width, length and height of at least 2 centimeters, for better effect.

Besides water, you also need tape, and decorative elements that you want to use, as whole or sliced fresh fruit, green leaves, flat flowers, Christmas decorations or what goes best with the theme of your event. In the case of flowers and slender leaves, it is best to first freeze for several hours, so they do not withered put in contact with salt water or during freezing of your plate or bowl of decorative ice.

Place the largest in the counter mold and pour some of the chosen water (tap, either with food coloring to make colored or coarse salt to give you more). Begins to accommodate the flowers and fruits that are in the background, to achieve better effects. Above poses the smallest mold, leaving a gap between the bases (for that Ice Bowl aligning the upper edges of both molds using the tape, so as to adjust its location and does not oscillate sideways). When the meal is ready, place ice cubes in the smaller pan. This will freeze faster, and prevent the fruit or flowers desacomoden during freezing.

Arrange the rest of the elements on the edges and pour the remaining water until you reach the desired height. Without moving too much, it takes all the freezer and leave it there for not less than 10 hours, a whole day if you can. The longer decorative plate ice in the freezer stronger will.

How unmold the ice tray

To remove the molds, put some warm water on the small container (removed before the ice) and see that a few seconds will be detached. To unmold the base, do the same by putting it on an even larger container or review it out with a cloth soaked in hot water, or use a hair dryer. When heated mold a thin layer of ice will melt outside and fall off easier.

The only thing left is to put in the salad, ice cream, gazpacho, crushed ice to serve oysters and shellfish, or ice cubes and beverage cans that go to present in your elegant and very original dish of ice, perfect for any event.

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