How to Hummingbird feeder

A Hummingbird Feeder home with Recycled Materials

Make a hummingbird feeder is a simple and responsible for procure full of essential nutrients and welfare nectar manner. It is also the way to invite you to visit our home, filling with joy and vitality by their presence. Create this for a hummingbird feeder, and enjoy these flying buddies round.

Materials needed

To make a hummingbird feeder at home you need:

– A plastic soda bottle (one liter unlabeled and green or colorless color),

– A small plastic container of approximately Hummingbird Feeder cup capacity,

– Plastic twine or wire (like the clothesline),

– Plastic flowers or paper made from aluminum painted with red, yellow and orange, or red plastic wrap gastronomic alive-dye hot,

– Glue gun knife, utility knife, box cutter or drill or hot nail scissors,

– Taken clamp for safety.

Steps to make a feeder for hummingbirds

Remove the rubber located inside the cap soda bottle and discard it. Perforated and then cut most of the top of the cap, retaining of the thread and about two to four millimeters of the cover, taking the central zone to achieve a good seal to screw it back into the bottle.

Add water in the small container (can be a bottle or a similar drug, plastic), filled to capacity, approximately. Place the lid of the bottle inside, to float in the water and hold a level (should show 1 to 1.5 cm above the container, leaving 1 cm inside thereof) and sets very well with hot glue in about four points, leaving open spaces between the lid and the container. These spaces will place the flowers, so suitable size as the flowers that you have to avoid spilling the nectar. Let cool silicone, and then turn the piece to empty the water.

With drill or a hot nail, make a hole in the base of the bottle, the diameter of the string. Insert it (from the base and into the bottle), take it to the mouth, Hummingbird Feeder a thick knot and pulled from outside the knot tape for drilling and achieves support the weight of the bottle. Screw the bottle on top, and finally flowers adheres inserting the central perforated portion in areas of open space you left to join the lid to the container. Put the string hanging in a shady place, put the food for hummingbirds and screw the cap to invite them to eat.

With just minutes and few materials you can make a hummingbird feeder that when fill it with homemade nectar and hang it in a safe place, will make the magic happen and these wonderful birds visit your home to fill it with beauty.

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