How to have a magnetic decorated at home

Decorated magnetic

Surely you read the title of this note and I was intrigued to find out what we mean by magnetic decorated, right? As we told you that the magnetic set is one of the latest trends on the rise for the home decoration, particularly for decoration and functionality environments such as studios, workshops, home offices or rooms of teenagers.

The magnetic decorated describes the application of metal inlays through the paint on the walls, allowing the magnetic holding decorative objects ies photography, posters and even advertisers in the environment. Simple and practical way, creating a magnetic decorated solves your innovative design of rooms and studios and simple truth is being applied, and economic others.

Ideas for a magnetic decorated realiar

To create a magnetic decorated only we need to apply a paint that possesses magnetic metal attachments. Such attachments are antioxidables small magnetic metal particles that are mixed with a latex-based paint, which is applied to the walls with foam rollers. Also, if the color you want is not available on the market, you can apply the magnetic base paint, and cover it with any color latex paint, because the magnetic effect is not impaired by its cover.

One of the innovative companies in this decorative technique is painting magnet, the product offers a wide range of colors, and even invites visitors to its website with fun and original ideas to use this painting.

Some of the ideas is to apply the magnetic paint on the walls of the kitchen, and adhere to, with the help of image, the grocery shopping lists, menus of restaurants at home, photos and school tasks children, and countless objects and elements that we want to preserve. You could even attach the recipe you’re cooking, to view at all times!

Regarding the decor, you can find in the market malleable magnetic plates, which allow you to create your own frames, so you can rearrange your picture on the wall ies daily, if that’s what you wanted to do. Imagine having decorated differently every time you have guests would not it be a great way to renew your home continuously, effortlessly and without spending more money?

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