How to germinate seeds citrus

How to germinate seeds Citrus House

Would you like to have breakfast every morning with fresh orange juice own? What you need is to learn to germinate seeds of citrus with this easy method to cultivate these treats and take them home to your breakfast, desserts and snacks.

Prepare your ingredients and follow this simple method, and you can begin to germinate seeds of citrus today!

Elements and materials

To germinate seeds of lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit will need, mature (but not too) fresh piece of fruit you want to cultivate a knife edge well, a cutting board safely, absorbent paper, foil, and potted farmland in the proper amount.

Steps to germinate seeds of citrus

The first thing you need, of course, are the seeds.
Preferably taking a home-grown and not one to buy on the market. However, if you only have access to these other, do not worry: you can also germinate seeds of commercial citrus.

Cut the skin of the fruit to remove pulp (if you cook, do the peeling technique vivo). Using only your fingers, divide the fruit into wedges and remove the seeds carefully, without hurting them and keeping them in perfect condition. Set aside on paper towels and shade for approximately 30 minutes to dry naturally.

Take a seed between your fingers (or a rubber clamp, if you have), leaving out the sharpest and small citrus seed end. Using sharp knife, and carefully, make a tiny drill to break just peel semillita protection without affecting the interior. In doing so, we will break the hard exterior, and we can peel the inner seed, or at least remove some of the hard cover, making it easy to seed germination.

Pregermination, paper

First let germinate seeds citrus absorbent paper napkin to have more control on task until the outbreak occurs.

To do this, take your naked seeds (without all or part of the hard cover) and place them between two pieces of absorbent paper. Then place two pieces of aluminum foil on both sides. Using a spray, wet absorbent paper and seeds, and closes on itself the upper and lower pieces of aluminum foil, like making a sandwich with bread aluminum. Opens and re-wet the paper once or twice a day, keeping warm in a warm area, but sheltered from direct sunlight.

Germinated seeds on land

After about 20-30 days, you’ll notice that each seed, a green tail, which is the outbreak looms. Take the seeds sprouted and place citrus farmland (enriched and well nourished), in a small pot or small jar with drilling for drainage. Put them at the center of each container, and three to four times your height in depth. That is, if your seed is 5 mm high, place it about 15-20 millimeters deep, gently press the soil above.

Place your pots in a warm place, with some sunlight per day, and always keep moist until new and future poke your lemon tree, orange, grapefruit or variety you have chosen. So you’ve managed to germinate seeds of citrus at home, easily and for your best advantage.

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