How to enter the world of bonsai

Bonsai are attractive plants that require special attention during development time. Over time, they manage to become elements of a focal point in space where available to us.

Bonsai are away from a variety, a way to cultivate any species of tree or shrub, resulting in a miniature version, extravagant and exciting ways, according to the technique chosen for cultivation and development.
We met this technique after its origin from East Asia, where he is a traditionalist usual.

We know that almost any species can be cultivated with the technique of bonsai. As we have learned, the crown of a tree will always like the area occupied by the root, as well as its amplitude. Therefore, to apply the technique of bonsai in a local variety, we must grow from seed in a container of very short stature and low capacity of land, so as to limit root growth, thus limiting the growth of the species.

And since bonsai can develop from different varieties of plant species, their choice will determine whether he will then try to plant inside or outside. Indoor varieties are usually developed from interior species or varieties of hot and humid climates, such as species native to the Mediterranean. Outdoor bonsai, however, are usually grown from varieties of non-tropical climates, such as the Atlantic varieties.

You should choose a variety which has no other fast growth, like an aspen. Then, growth and the main form will be controlled by careful pruning and tutors for the first time, and eventually, only pruning of the same will be needed.

If we choose to keep bonsai and grown and ready to be lucid, try to give a monthly liquid fertilizer and little watering during the first half, until the selection fits entirely in our home. Then, we will keep in a well lit place, protected from extreme weather, but rather between warm or cool climates, the latter will be the most privileged, depending on variety.

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