How to eliminate annual and perennial herbs

Laprincipal result of weeds, especially in gardening home or small gardens, it also give a bad impression of the place, can choke the other plants, generating allergies, pinching, etc.
s Weeds can be annual or perennial, according to its development.

Annual herbs

These herbs germinate, are born, grow, they release their seeds, and then die when the seeds sprout again, and appear again.
There are perennial herbs winter and summer. Most weeds are annuals.
S annual weeds is best eliminated using hoe, hoe or edger (desborzadora).

If herbicide use is desired, one must opt for those that burn when the product will be placed on garden or conversely, by herbicides that are applied directly to the ground, forming a layer which prevents toxic plant growth when they germinate and want to get off the ground. Two applications a year, in spring and autumn is recommended.

Perennial herbs

S perennial weeds or perennial herbs, causing more problems than annuals. If we try to uproot these weeds by hand, hoe or trimmer and we will be rooted largely without deleting, will grow again soon. What happens is that in this way we have not killed the plant, although no longer see on the surface of the earth, lives under it.

But although sprout again, if every time we go eliminating the hoe, hand or edger, they will be weakened until it disappears completely. For example, in orchards, regular digging discourages growth.

It is also true that because of its natural hardness, herbicides are generally more efficient with this type of weed. The most used is the total herbicide, the systemic type, that removes all types of weeds (broadleaved, fine, perennials, etc. ) to the root.

The leaf herbicides is not recommended, since only attack weeds and perennial seeds that sprout from rhizomes or bulbs we cause them any harm.

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